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War Profiteering

With tensions running high across the globe, and several potential flash points where things could quickly escalate, it's critical to ensure we know what we're fighting for before we're whipped into a frenzy for war, and see our nation bogged down in another misguided military intervention. 

War, and the violence inherent to it, should be a last resort, and used for altruistic ends such as upholding the dignity of human life. Not for cynical geopolitical gameplay, the acquisition of resources, or to ingratiate the military industrial complex.


We will target middle class men across the deep south. Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida are amongst the most overrepresented states in terms of military enlistment.  If these young men are expected to go to war, we want to make sure to plant the seed that makes them question what they are truly fighting for.


  • We'll highlight the influence of the military industrial complex: In 2022, America's top five weapons contractors made $196 billion in military-related revenue.

  • We'll question whether those who commit our citizens to fight and die in these wars also share that heavy burden. They do not.

  • What happens to veterans when they return and how much care and support is provided to them? Not nearly enough.

When we fight, it should be for righteous reasons. Before we agree to fight, we need to stop and make sure we are, and we are not just being used as pawns in others' quests to acquire more personal wealth and power.

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