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UAW On Strike

The UAW, driven by new president Shawn Fain, went on strike and was able to gain substantial boosts to their pay and benefits.

We will show how this should not be an isolated action, and demonstrate to workers the power they have when we stand together.


Increase awareness around the issues the union is fighting for and their relevance to many other sectors of the economy. By doing so we can increase the relevance of these issues to other working, and middle class workers.

We'll target primarily white, middle aged, working and middle class men in the midwest. This is a demographic that has moved to the right and is some of the most ardent Trump supporters. We're going to create ads that speak directly to them highlighting the topics below:

  1. How stock buybacks are being used to enrich executives instead of being reinvested in the company and its workers.

  2. How big business is using technology not to help make workers more efficient and productive, but to instead, replace them. And when they are replaced, there’s no concerted effort made to find those replaced with any sort of meaningful, comparable employment.

  3. And more universally, if workers don’t stand up for themselves and confront big business then it will only result in a further degradation of their security, and compensation.

This will be a direct appeal to the benefits of organizing. 

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