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Corporate Greed & Inflation

While there are many reasons contributing to inflation, a major and underreported factor has been corporate greed.


Over the next year the Republicans will blame Bidenomics. But businesses have also used inflation as an excuse to increase their profits at the expense of the American people, and that needs to be called out. 


Show how the effects of both: corporate consolidation, and corporate greed have worked together to exacerbate inflation to the detriment of the American consumer.

We'll target working class moderate voters in the swing states of Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina. 


We'll make the connection between the inflation Americans are feeling in their every day lives and corporate greed as exemplified by their stock buybacks, price inflationary tactics, and mergers and consolidations. 

1) Consolidation: Former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich called this phenomenon a "symptom" of "the economic concentration of the American economy in the hands of a relative few corporate giants with the power to raise prices." (1)

2) Corporate greed: the impacts of inflation have not been felt by all as corporate profits and CEO pay have been increased over the past several years.

"Taking inflationary pressures into account, total overhead costs have only increased about 15% during the pandemic, yet the EPI analysis found companies on average have tacked 53.9% to the final cost of products, a 42% increase from a pre-pandemic level of 11.4% on average."(2)


So companies are increasing prices because they can. Especially companies owned and operated by private equity, whose primary intent is the extraction of capital. 

Republicans will over-simplify a complex issue, and frame inflation as an effect of "Bidenomics." We'll work to show how corporate greed and consolidation is in actuality one of the root causes in a direct and honest way.

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