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    Primary Texas’ 7th Congressional District




Lizzie Fletcher has been very generous to oil and gas, and supports increasing drilling on federal land. She’s also co-chair of the Natural Gas Caucus and a member of the Oil and Gas Caucus.
Lizzie Fletcher is also against medicare for all or a single payer health care system.
Pervez Agwan, a graduate of MIT who made his career in the clean tech industry, is running on a progressive platform, supportive of an expanded Green New Deal and Medicare for All.
Agwan, unlike Fletcher who has received funds from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), has been an outspoke criti
c of the Israeli governments treatment of the West Bank Palestinians.


What we're going to do

 letcher’s corporate and big money backers. Especially in the oil and gas industry. In a solid blue district we need a candidate who is openly advocating for people over profits, which Pervez has done.

Health care. Our system is not working and Houston has some of the highest levels of uninsured in the nation. We need new transformative ideas to address this, not incrementalism. 



Progressives, across all ages and races. Appeal to them and both persuade them to vote for Pervez and also motivate them to turnout

Appeal to hispanic, black, and asian audiences with messaging in the appropriate language to address:

Health care concerns. Money in politics, and how those can be corrupting forces that prevent the system change needed.




Four 30 second videos: $30,000

Ad buy budget: $170,000

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