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The UAW, driven by new president Shawn Fain, is going on strike at several plants.

The UAW is the auto workers union, and they’re negotiating for better pay, pensions, and work-life balance. After several years of growth and high profitability the three companies: Ford, G.M. and Stellantis have used much of this earnings to further enrich their C-level staff and do stock buybacks, but have not spread these earnings amongst the rank and file union workers.

Additionally, with more emphasis placed on electric car production the union wants to ensure its workers will not have their jobs lost to technology with nothing comparable to replace them with.


What we're going to do

       Increase awareness around the issues the union is fighting for and their relevance to many other                  sectors of the economy.
        We’re going to produce content that focuses on a few key issues:
        How stock buybacks are being used to enrich exec
utives instead of being reinvested in the company              and its workers.
        How technology is being developed to not help make workers more efficient and productive, but to                instead, replace them. And when they do, there’s no concerted effort made to find those replaced with          any sort of meaningful, comparable employment.
        And more universally, if workers don’t stand up for themselves and confront big business then it will              only result in a further degradation of their security, and compensation. We’ve seen how fragile supply          chains are with covid, domestic workers have more leverage than they realized and need to flex it. 



White men. Ages 20-45. Excluding extreme democrats and republicans. In Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.



        Two 30 second videos: $20,000

        Ad buy budget: $80,000

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