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It shouldn't be a radical idea that people's lives are more important than making more profit. But lately, it feels like it is.


We're outraged over the gross and petty injustices the majority are forced to endure for the futher aggrandizement of a select few.


From cutting social security, reducing medicare benefits, to gutting public school budgets, neglecting our infrastructure, shipping jobs overseas, manipulating financial markets... personal greed has superceeded any sense of building a shared society.


It's time we take the message to the people and hit the airwaves with advertisements that explain exactly who is responsible for the hardships they endure. It is not some ethereal forces beyond our comprehension. It is just greedy people who gaslight us into not seeing them for who they are. 


We are a team with years of experience working in politics, on campaigns, and in the field of digital marketing. 

We know how to produce content that will be impactful and resonant. And we know the most sophisticated methods available to target highly refined and relevant audiences with ads that will make an impact. 

Through knowledge and education we seek to awaken people, and move the needle not just in ideology and theory, but also in practice and electorally. 

Help us to get out the message and let people know they have more power than they realize. Together, we have power and we have leverage, and we can begin to take our society back from the nihilists who'd stop at nothing to make a few more dollars for themselves.

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